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Who We Are

We, the Clerics of St. Viator (Viatorians) are a Roman Catholic religious community made up of priests, brothers and associates-lay and clerical-men and women.

We share a common mission and charism: We are committed to educating in the faith, especially among young people and the poor, in both our home countries and in foreign lands, in schools, parishes and in other ministries.

We currently work in 15 countries in Europe, North and South America, Africa and the Far East.

Education in the faith as catechists, serving the Word by proclaiming Jesus Christ and his Gospel, raising up communities where the faith is lived, deepened and celebrated, are the key components of the Viatorian mission shared by priests, brothers and lay people.

In carrying out our different activities and tasks, in whatever place we are sent, whether we are priests, brothers or associates we identify ourselves with the simple word: Viatorian.

Our Congregation accepts as associates those who desire to share in our mission, our spiritual life and our community life. This is in accord with an idea dear to our founder. These associates are not bound by the public vows proper to our Congregation and may make no other canonical commitment with regard to our Congregation. They make their commitment in conformity with our General and Particular Regulations. (Viatorian Constitution, 5)

Associaties are Lay persons, men and women, and members of the diocesan clergy share the mission, spiritual and community life of Viatorian priests and brothers. They are called, with our religious priest and brothers, to form the Viatorian Community

Our Mission

The Viatorian mission centers around education in all its aspects: human development, intellectual inquiry, and spiritual growth.

Our educational activities and pastoral commitments with young people and adults are characterized by "walking with people" and being available to them as they journey through life.

We presently work as teachers and administrators in primary and secondary schools, pastors and parish staff people in parishes, hospital and military chaplaincies, and involvement with other, less traditional groupings of Christian faithful. We sponsor retreats, Christian youth movements, as well as social outreach to the poor and disadvantaged in many of the areas where we are working.

In our foundations in the developing world we are involved in literacy training, community radio, clinics, and food distribuition centers as well as educational activities.

In whatever we do and wherever we do it, our concern for education in the Faith inspires us to be actively involved in catechesis of young people-- especially the poor--and celebration of that faith through liturgy that is alive and inclusive.

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